We are extremely thrilled you spend time for reading the Terms & condition at Ozraa.com because it is vital for all the users and online consumers to read all the policies including Terms & condition.

From the moment you start purchasing at Ozraa you contribute your collaboration and consent with our team. However, these Terms and Condition and other policies might not remain the same forever we highly recommend you to read it constantly because by law enforcement and authorities it is feasible for all the website to generate changes on their products or service anytime, in that case any types of changes on Terms and Condition or other policies will appear in the future.

In the future if the Terms and Conditions and policies will not be suitable or will not meet your desire, we recommend you opt out without any hesitation because it is possible that some changes might not meet your satisfaction or maybe it shall be inappropriate in certain ways, however we will be pleased if you contributes with by sharing your opinion when any policy and condition is not the way you want. Please read attentively the statements below:

General (price)

When you buy an item we only accept the US dollar and Australian dollar which you pay through PayPal, Direct Deposit (Transfer), Google Pay and cash if you are unable to use those payment methods please note that some of the product’s prices are not tagged on the website that is because the of the market values of the products (jewelleries and Rugs) the only way to pay for that is to directly shoot us with an email or SMS through Facebook, Instagram and contact number of Ozraa costumer service.


By purchasing an item from Ozraa you consent to a friendly communication with us over the email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and direct call if needed. It is always important to let us know a perfect time for communication that is suitable for you and you are welcome to communicate with us by checking our working hours however if we couldn’t attend to your message or call you have the right to leave a message for us or maybe email us we will return to your message as soon as we could.

Shipping Terms

The majority of our customers in Australia, America, and Europe leave better feedback for Skynet but also, we use DHL and DPEX for delivering our costumer’s product and mostly we arrange your delivery with EPEX because of their working days 3-5 days any day during the week. If you are not at your property on the delivery date the delivery has the right to leave your product somewhere safe in your yard, mailbox, and anywhere out of the street view.

DHL working days: From Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM international shipments.

DPEX working days: 3-5 working days for international shipments.

Skynet working days: Saturday through Thursday between 8:00 AM. and 8:00 PM., and to business addresses during their normal business hours Saturday through Thursday.

Website Using Policy

By our authority and full rights according to rule and regulation and law enforcement when you use our website we grant you a permanent user permit which you can access and make use of our website but this permit does give you the right to copy, download or ill-treat no matter who you are even if you are our loyal costumer. Please make sure if you are using our website you are only allowed to make a shopping tool from this website, we cannot tolerate any disturbing, manipulative and swearing comments at the comment sections if you are not happy with our service please do not hesitate make a complaint by email at support@ozraa.com .

You cannot misuse our website and you cannot encourage any offensive, disruptive, abusive, criminal, and terrorist actions. If you are using this website, please understand not to upload any software virus and hacking. Please do not use our website with an illegal email or any sort of illegal IDs, by authority and law we are able to annihilate and block any illegal IDs from our website.

Who can use this website?

 A person who lives anywhere in this world with legal citizenship ID, permanent visa, student visa tourist visa and refugee card. And any individuals who has legitimate and clean money can purchase from this website and if you are at any state that do not meet this policy and statements you cannot purchase from this website.

Teenagers who hasn’t opened a bank account and do not have their parents or friend’s permission to use their bank account also cannot purchase from this website.

Gifts and Vouchers

Our customers will be gifted at their birthday from the Ozraa team if they provide their consent to us and if we are not able to gift the birthday boy or girl with something, we will gift them with an Ozraa Gift Card.