Ozraa contributes infinite care and responsibility to your personal information once you purchased an item from Ozraa.com. You provide your personal information to our team by accepting our terms and condition, for your interest and us Ozraa team recommend you to please attentively approach to our terms and condition and acknowledge to the best of your interest.

When you tend to purchase an item, our team require to collect some personal information including your full name, email, contact number, physical address, and postcode.  We require to collect this information for many reasons such as communication between you (customer) and us (Ozraa team) and your information will be provided to the shipping team and to the delivery service team wherever you are located. However, when you get in touch with us either through the website, Facebook, Instagram, email, contact number, or direct message we will collect your information for a certain requirement like any other online shopping site and keep you updated from your last consumption until it has not been delivered to you.

Our team members are committed to protecting any apprehensive or unauthorized access to the data that you allocated with Ozraa site, we will keep your data within Ozraa members ultimately except to the parties that we are legally and by the law enforcement allowed to provide such as for the shipment and delivery service.

How you Track your Order?

Once you utterly complete purchasing your desire item from our website, the first thing you will receive is an email regarding the confirmation that your order has been successfully placed with our team. You will receive the track ID once you order an item and you can track your order. But, you can contact us if you have any concerns about your product. You are more than welcome to contact us via email, call, or direct message to any of our platforms.

You will receive your track ID from shipment service once it has been delivered to the cargo transport team by the Ozraa employees and the duration normally depends on the types of your desire product for example if any product that requires embroidery and elaboration it should take 10-15 days at least just for preparation in the manufacture factory.

Delivery Cost

The actual delivery cost will depend on the size and weight of the product that will be automatically calculated at the checkout and that includes urgent delivery too. However, we charge the fee for the weight of one kilo prior and that will remain unaltered in any situation even if your product weighs less one kilo.